Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Goodwood Masjied

Current view of the Masjied

Sheikh Tofa

Spiritual Leader of the Society

Wellness Centre

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The Masjied is currently the central hub for most of the activities that happens within the Society which includes inter alia the following:

Adult Classes

During the summer months all adult classes start immediately after Maghrieb salaah, but after Eshaai salaah during the winter months. Classes conducted at the Masjied are:

  • Quranic Literacy/Sierah/Tafsier Classes for males and females - Monday (Sheikh Ebrahiem Tofa)

  • Youth (Ages 16 – 25) Fiqh Classes – Mondays (Muallim Mansur Bassadien)

  • Various Short Courses - Tuesday

  • Silat Training – Tuesdays (Faheem Jackson)

  • Fiqh Classes for females only - Wednesday (Sheikha Mymoena Solomons)

  • Arabic Classes for males only - Wednesday (Sheikh Dawood Ebrahiem)

  • Thikr at the Masjied and at mussallees homes - Thursday (Hadjie Isghak Gasant)

  • Thursday mornings housewives Madrassah - (Mualima Jubayda Vinos & Sheikh Ebrahiem Tofa)

Monthly Ghaatamoel Quran

Sheikh Ebrahiem Tofa is in charge of this initiative whereby mussallees are requested to recite 1 juz of the Holy Quran on a monthly basis in contribution towards the completion of the recital of the 30 Ajjaza. A list is displayed in the Masjied where participants can indicate what juz they will be reciting. The jamaa is then invited to the completion of the Ghaatamal Quran on the last Sunday of the Islamic month after Fajr when the 30th Juz is recited by our mussallees followed by a short thikr. The mussallees are encouraged to bring along some niceties and the proceedings are completed with a breakfast.  


The Goodwood Islamic Society is a registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO : 054631) that caters for the spiritual, educational, social and welfare needs of the Goodwood community (and surrounds) which has grown to in excess of 1000 families. The Society is administered by a democratically elected Executive Committee who, together with the Imaamat of the Masjied work closely together to achieve the goals and objectives of the Society.