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Activity of the Week 2015


Activities of the Week for 2015


 Week     Date   Activity
 40  23 - 28  Nov

 Be mindfull of how you conduct yourselves this holiday.

 39  16 - 21 Nov  Make dua for someone without informing the person.
 38  09 - 14  Nov  Find out the benefits of Miswak.
 37  02 - 07 Nov  Visit family you have not seen in a long time.
 36  26 - 31  Oct

 Do a spring clean at home and donate the things that aren't needed to the Masjied.

 35   19 - 24 Oct  Work out how much Zakaah you and your family need to pay.
 34  12 - 17 Oct  Fast on the day of Muharram with the whole family.
 33  28 Sept - 03 Oct  Do something for your parents like in the case of Nabi Ismaeel and Nabi Ebrahiem.
 32  21 - 26 Sept   Ask your parents to fast on the day of Wukuf. 
 31  14 - 19 Sept  Gather your family and perform Fajr in Jama'ah. Sit in rememberance of Allah and then perform two rakaats of Ishraaq. It will be  as if you completed a Hajj.
 30  7 - 12 Sept  Always remember Allah especially with your exams.
 29  31 Aug - 5 Sept  Take time out with your family to clean a public area.
 28  24-29 Aug  Do something out of respect for your teachers. Grades 7 to 12 must research a Hadeeth on respect for parents and teachers.  
 27  17-22 August   Ask your parents or family members if you can bring your own fruit/veg from your trees or from family's so you can bring it to the  masjied.
 26  10-15 August

 Do something for your parents, for the sake of Allah alone.

 25  03-08 August

 Find your Islamic birth date and ask others if they know theirs.

 24  27 July - 01 August  Try to think of an idea of how you could assist or be a benefit to your community.
 23  20-25 July  Ask your parents to fast the 6 days of Shawwal with you as there is much benefits and rewards that we derive from fasting it.
 22  29 June - 04 July  You must learn the Takbeer and recite it with you whole family the night before Eid.
 21  22-27 June  Choose one night in the last 10 nights of Ramadaan to go to I'tikaaf with your father. 

 Learn the dua that was taught to Saydina Ayesha from the Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W) - if she found the night of Laylatul Qadr what  she should recite.

 20  15-20 June 

 Take something that you own e.g. dates, water etc. and give it to someone else.

 Share a date with someone when they break their fast.

 19  08-13 June

 Take one night in the week after Magrieb Salaah and sit with your family in the remembrance of Allah,

 make Thikr with your family.

 18  01-06 June  You must choose a day to Fast with your entire family and try and do so "on a day that is hot in preperation for the day of  Qiyaamah".
 17  25-30 May  Make dua before eating with the family.
 16  18-23 May  Sit after Salaah and remember Allah.
 15  11-16 May 

 Ask your parents to take you to visit a sick person in your own family or neighbours or people who don’t have family

 Ask parents to take you to visit the most elderly person in your family

 Remember not to stay long, and remember not to ask too many questions.

 14  04-09 May  Listen to the Jumuah or any lecture and relate it to your parents.
 13  27 April – 02 May

 What is the Islamic date today?

 Do you know how to use to Islamic calendar and understand the times of Salaah?

 What is Ishraaq-Zawaal?


 Make the dua: “Allahumma Baariek Lanaa fee Rajab wa Sha’baan wa Ballieghnaa Ramadaan”

 Oh Allah grant us blessings in the month of Rajab and Sha’baan and grant us to reach the month of Ramadaan.

 11  13-18 May

 Sunday is the mood sighting. All students are welcome to attend the mood sighting-19th April.

 Learn the Dua for sighting the moon and read it with your family when you go to Three Anchor Bay

 10  30 March- 04 April & 0611  April

 Show gratitude/respect towards your parents by thanking them and stand up when your parents return home from work and greet  them.

 Try not to walk in front of them, do not sit down before them at supper table.

 9  23-28 March

 Ask your parents about a game they played and ask them to play it with you

 e.g. kennetjie, 3 tins, 5 stones

 8  16-21 March  Visit the Maqbarah- ask your parents if someone passed away in the family and make due for them.
 7  09-14 March  Smile with those you meet. Smiling is an act of charity.
 6  02-07 March  Eat what is closest to you. Eat with your right hand.
 5  23-28 February

 Do any business transaction. Try and conduct it as taught to us by the Nabi Muhammad(SAW)

 e.g. pricing, discount, change, etc.

 4  16-21 February  Open palms, read the 3 ‘Kuls’ (Mu’oewiethaat Surahs) blow into palms and wipe entire front part of body
 3  09-14 February  Do something for your parents
 2  02-07 February  Greet when entering and exiting your home and all those you meet
 1  26-31 January  Hug your parents, kiss them and say you love them