Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Thus far, 2017 has proven to be a year full of surprises. The new year comes along not just with New Year’s resolutions (some of which don’t make past the January checkpoint), the SONA and loads of homework. It comes with new possibilities, opportunities to share ideas and the Annual Madrassah Tul-Akhlaaq Entrepreneur’s Day! What more could one want !? 

You might be asking: “why the hype?” Well, this day included some new faces amongst the crowd. The parents of the new and fresh-faced Grade 1s and of other new students in higher grades. To them we say welcome as we all know best, with good food. In the crisp morning; tents, tables and chairs are set out by community members and always-ready-to-help mosque groundskeepers. As the students and teachers file into the courtyard, so does the vibe. The atmosphere heats up with the day; pots of akhni, stir fry and delicious tandoori chicken are carried in. Trays of fluffy cakes, sweet puddings entice potential customers. But, selling is yet to begin. Without a few important supplies such as styrofoam bakkies, the all important cash float and plastic bags. And at 9:30 a.m on the 4th of March, Sheikh Tofa reminds the learners of fair trade and commences with an opening duah and such as the mayor cuts a red ribbon, with a single command the courtyard is thrown into a flurry. 
Orders fly and bargains are stuck.

The day goes by and already the requests for small change are made, but as the students get into the swing of things- the lunch rush hour begins. People wait and form long queues, a hurricane of orders rush in and just things seem not get any better - the teacher steps in and ensures that the students do not become overwhelmed. With a sense of calm and authority, the teacher steers the stall into calmer waters.
But drama aside, the most important part is the fun. The thrill of making a sale, attracting a customer and working together. 

Every year, the Entrepreneur’s Days prove to be a huge source of monetary support for the masjied and the madrassah and a great source of fun for the learners, parents and teachers. May the Almighty grant the madrassah to continue to grow and thrive.


Article by Zahraa Schroeder

GIS Madrassah Graduate, Former RCL Chair

Zahraa Schroeder


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