Friday, 14 December 2018
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Zakaah Seminar - 2017

This seminar was held at Quloobul Moe'mieneen Masjied in Ramadaan 2017. The powerpoint presentation is available for download here. The seminar was conducted by Maulana Hassiem Cassiem. Full seminar available in the two videos below.

Zakaah discussion, Part 1 - Maulana Hassiem Cassiem

SANZAF 2017 Part 1 from GoodwoodMosque on Vimeo.


Zakaah discussion, Part 2 - Maulana Hassiem Cassiem

SANZAF 2017 Part 2 from GoodwoodMosque on Vimeo.


More information on Zakaah can be found at the SANZAF website. Click here for the SANZAF Zakaah  calculators.