Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Entrepreneurs Day - August 2015



This is the event of the year, the get-together of the season and the most anticipated occurrence since the Internet- it’s the Quloobul Moemieneen Entrepreneur’s Day.

A day aimed at teaching the madrassah students all about entrepreneurship, being polite to others and having fun whilst working together. This wonderful event instils within the students a friendly sense of competition as they work their hardest to achieve the title of “Most money raised” and the honourable 1st place.

On the 29th of August was the second Entrepreneur’s Day of 2015. And although the weather seemed a bit damp - it ceased to have a negative effect on the mood. Before 9:30, the outer perimeters of the mosque were filled with busy hands, bustling movements and warm, welcoming smells of food.

The purpose of this event is to raise funds in order to support the mosque. The organisers of this event are the teachers and students of the madrassah. This year’s Day was a blast! Stalls were sold out in a few hours, parents jumped in to help, everyone was eating, laughing and simply having a good time. The vibe, as every Entrepreneur’s Day, was phenomenal with kids walking around hollering out discounted prices with boxes of sweet or savoury delights for every and any palate.

But don’t worry if you missed out on this delicious event, ‘cos there will be one next year. And it will be amazing, yummy and totally-off-the-cake…


By Zahraa Schroeder.