Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Inconsiderate Parking

"Embrace the change quietly"  - an excellent letter written by our Chairman, to the Tyger Burger.

The Chairman's letter in response to an earlier letter by a resident who lives close to the masjied.

But why is it necessary that we have to defend ourselves? Why do we as Muslims just flagrantly ignore common decency and considerateness?

Why do we give the kuffaar reasons to complain about us? Why don't we consider our fellow Muslims?

See the three letters as appeared in Goodwood Tyger Burger below.




Embrace the change quietly
Woensdag 16 September 2015 08:10

Re. “Parking a problem outside mosque”,TB, 2 September. I would like to respond to the anonymous neighbour, who preferred to channel her/his complaints and concerns via your community paper rather than take it up with the mosque officials.

She/he mentions that Goodwood was a quiet area and she/he has been a resident for 40 years. Can I just remind Anonymous that 80 years ago when the mosque was built and inaugurated, Goodwood was a vibrant community with many Muslim families staying in the road where the mosque is located. They formed part of a diverse community of different cultures and religious persuasions and lived together in peace and harmony. They were unfortunately removed because of the Group Areas Act and with it went the spirit and soul of the community, only to cater for the peace and quiet of the “fortunate” ones.

Since 1994 people have moved back to their roots and Goodwood has once again been invigorated with the spirit of neighbourliness, caring, love and ubuntu. Churches and mosques are once again overflowing and, yes, parking has become a challenge for everyone. The mosque officials have gone out of their way to address this issue and they even put out cones where parking is not allowed. The back entrance for deliveries to the Protea Old Age Home has never been blocked during services. In fact many neighbours feel much safer with all the activities in the road where the mosque is located.

The proposed extension of the mosque is to cater for the overflow of congregants into the road while on-site parking will also be catered for. This will go a long way to address the current congestion and alternative parking areas are also being discussed with the council.

Can I suggest to Anonymous that she/he embraces the change in Goodwood and become part of this vibrant community rather than fight an uphill battle which only results in negativity and stifles progress



Inconsiderate           wouldItKillYou         NOPARKING       NODouble              DoNot

Parking a problem outside mosque
Woensdag 02 September 2015 08:10

It’s taken me a long time to put this into writing. Goodwood used to be a quiet area but not anymore.

I live close to the mosque and have been a resident for over 40 years. There was no problem with parking then, but lately the streets are not wide enough to accommodate so many cars, it is ridiculous. 

People park any which way they want, not giving any consideration to others. Cars are parked opposite each other which leaves little space in between them. One’s driveway is half blocked and getting in and out is a struggle.

On one Friday a delivery van on its way to the old age home had to stop in the middle of the road as it could not go forward, backward, right or left as it was too narrow. So she had to wait until the service at the mosque was over to continue.

Milton Road and other side streets are also a problem. Now they want to extend the mosque, it’s just not acceptable. Can somebody please do something about the situation?




Show some consideration
Woensdag 09 September 2015 08:10

“Parking a problem outside mosque”, TB, 2 September refers.

Firstly, I would like to remind Anon that had it not been for the Group Areas Act of yesteryear (mosque was established in the 1935), Goodwood may sooner have been the vibrant community it is today.

I certainly agree that people who cause an obstruction of the road should be dealt with by law enforcement, since blocking the driveways of other residents is definitely unacceptable. However, I fail to comprehend how this could be cited as a reason to deny an ever growing congregation any extension of the mosque. You say “it’s just not acceptable”. I assume you also find it unacceptable when people obstruct access to Milton Road and the surrounding roads when attending services at the churches in the vicinity? I deal with that situation all the time, but I say “thank God there are people in my community that still congregate to praise their Creator”, considering the morally degenerating society we live in today!

Is it really so difficult for us to show some consideration for our fellow residents? May The Almighty guide us all