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AGM 2018 - Reports

Food Fair - March 2016

Cape Townians are famous for many things, but most importantly we are famous for our food. Just like a yummy pot Akhni we all blend harmoniously when it comes to food. Everyone is happy and we have fun when we eat with family and friends. And what better way to combine fun and the fun of food by having a Food Fair. In March the Quloobul Moemieneen Mosque held its annual Fun and Food Fair and boy-oh-boy what fun it was ! The fun consisted of games for the kiddies and young adults. These games included volleyball, an obstacle course, a Quraan quiz and table tennis, was surprisingly the game that everyone flocked to. And to add a little something interesting the participants were divided into houses - house of Ali and house of Umr. This was brilliant, as that little bit of competitive spirit only made it more enticing to watch and one couldn’t help but participate ! The obstacle course was a hit with the younger and older kids. It was such a great hit that students raced against teachers, I’m laughing just thinking about ! Yes it truly was fun, the crowds were amazing as they cheered on everyone who partook and watched until the very end.

Now, time for the yummy-part of the fair, yep you guessed it - the food ! It’s like they always say “save the best for last”! From Akhni to zingy Tikka Platters, the food was sizzling and hot and most importantly very lekker ! As you walk onto the field the warm welcoming smells , along with the fresh smell of Summer, you feel at home and of course hungry. Inside the tea garden - breakfast was served in the early morning for the early birds and for those pitching in to help set up and during the day , cakes and warm beverages were sold and ample seating areas were available. All the food stalls belonged to the mosque and thus the mosque received funds through the food sales. But food was not the only items that were  on sale. Clothes, natural medicines, toys , doekies and so much more. And by saying this you know it’s going to be very hard not to fall in love with something or walk away empty handed. But the true star of the food fair was the ice-cream truck. The Summer’s day got hotter and hotter, the line for ice-cream grew longer and longer. It seemed as if it was never going to shrink, but alhamdulillah it was a raging success. The fair in itself was amazing, the ambience, laughing faces and all round good vibes made the day awesome ! If you missed it, do not fret, there’s always next year. So you better start saving for next year, it's sure to hit the spot !

By Zahraa Schroeder


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