Sunday, 08 December 2019
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Ramadaan 2016 Qiraah Programme


areebMukaddam   ighsaanSedick   abdulAzizBrown   ghaarithWilliams
Qaari Areeb Mukaddam   Qaari Moghammed Adam   Qaari Abdul Aziz Brown   Qaari Ghaarieth Williams
ijaazMukaddam   moghammedAdam   shukrieFrydie   qaeedDavids
Qaari Ijaaz Mukaddam    Qaari Igshaan Sedick   Qaari Shukry Frydie   Qaari Qaeed Davids


"A question often asked is - why do we recite the Quraan with a melodious and song-like voice? It is the glorious word(s) of Allah, beautiful in its own right, but why not augment it by reading it in a beautiful tone. On Sunday, the 19th of June, was the Annual Qiraah Programme , held at the mosque. And it was amazing ! Hands down to all the Qaari, who kept us all in awe and intrigued. Each one of them, talented in their own unique way and gifted with beautiful voices, showed us true admiration for the word of Allah. And with an attentive and friendly MC,the evening was enjoyable and very enlightening. If you have never attended a Qiraah programme, I would highly suggest it. It is truly inspiring and eye-opening - plus it’s a time for you to just relax and feel true tranquility." - Zahraa Schroeder (RCL Chairperson 2016, Youth League member)

Excerpts from the Qiraah program in video below,  click here for the full photo gallery

Qiraah Programme from GoodwoodMosque on Vimeo.