Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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Theme for 1438: “No to Backbiting and Slandering”

Backbiting and slandering is indeed a disease prevalent in society. A disease wherein the Quran paints a repulsive picture of which would make people shrink from it in horror.

“And do not backbite one another, would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would abhor that.” [Al Hujuraat:12] Since one feels sick at the very thought of eating human flesh, how much more revolting is it to think of eating the flesh of one’s dead brother?

The Prophet {PBUH} wanted to drive home the meaning of backbiting to his companions through questions and answers.

Abu Hurairah {RA} reported that someone asked the Prophet {PBUH} “What is backbiting?” He said: “It is your remembrance of your brother in a way that he does not like.” He asked: “What if that fault I mention is found in him?” He said: “If what you say is found in him then that is backbiting. But, if what you say is not found in him then that is slandering him.” [Sunan Al Tirmithi]

How many homes, families, marriages, businesses and friendships have been broken due to backbiting and slandering. It is amazing how, when we like someone we can turn a blind eye to their faults but when we dislike someone we are likely to find fault in their appearances, behavior, lineage or any minute fault that pertains to that person. Islam safeguards human dignity and honour. Let us safeguard the honour and dignity of every human being. To aid us and rid us of this disease let us dedicate this year 1438 as the year of “No to backbiting and slandering”. Let us make a firm resolution that “I will not backbite or slander anyone neither will I listen to or entertain any form of backbiting or slandering.” When anyone wants to backbite or slander another in one’s presence, one should stop that person by saying the following:

  • O my brother/sister, the person that spoke ill of me to you was in an emotional state and you should never have told me.
  • That person entrusted you and you breached that trust - That person and myself had a good relationship and you came and broke it
  • Remember today you backbite someone and tomorrow someone else will backbite you

Let us try collectively to rid our society of this disease and rather conceal the faults of others.

In conclusion let us contemplate on the words of the Prophet{PBUH}:

“O gathering who believe with their tongues but faith has yet to enter into their hearts, do not backbite the Muslims. And do not search into their private matters. Whoever searches for their private matters will have Allah follow up his private matters. And whose private matters Allah follows, He will expose him even [if his act were done] in his house.” [Abu Dawood]

We turn to Allah in repentance seeking His forgiveness and pray for His guidance and assistance to rid us of this disease of backbiting and slandering. And Allah knows best.