Wednesday, 23 June 2021
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What is the Representative Council of Learners?
The RCL is the representative council of learners for learners. Our goal is to help the madrassah create a friendly and comfortable environment for all learners. We strive to have every student’s opinion heard and addressed. We do our best to make sure that all learners are happy, comfortable and content.

When was it established?
The RCL was initially established in 2011, but unfortunately died away. It was then officially re-established in 2015 and since then has been productive within the madrassah’s community; listening to the needs, wants and suggestions of the learners and making sure that these suggestions are addressed by the necessary authority.

Who are the Representatives? <The RCL is a council of learners who attend the madrassah. These learners range from Grades 4 to 11. We see that by having a large age range helps us in decision-making and it helps us by giving us a rough estimate of what the majority of the madrassah wants and needs. This way we are able to make sound decisions that will benefit the whole madrassah- as that is our goal and our passion.

What have we achieved thus far?
The past activities we have done include a fashion show and treasure hunt for the girls of Grade 1, 2 and 3. A sports day for all the girls of the madrassah and we were responsible for some of the Obstacle Course’s games on the day of the Food Fair held at J.G Meiring. We will further our reach within the madrassah and we will continue to host fun and interactive events suitable for all ages within the madrassah.

What are our future goals?
Our goals are that this wonderful idea of having a group of unique and charismatic individuals-coming together and discussing and brainstorming for the better good of the madrassah does not die out. That it stays. Our goals are to expand our reach beyond the walls of the madrassah and into the community.








bottom (L to R) – Ebraheem Fataar, Ayyoob Kriel, Shakeel Abdurahman, Waseem Akoodie, and Nabeel Royepen

top (L to R) – Nabeelah Davids, Amarah Mohammed, Safiyah Allie, Zahra Davids, Zahraa Schroeder, Nuhaa Francis, Labeeqah Cassiem and Shaamielah Arend





The Goodwood Islamic Society is a registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO : 054631) that caters for the spiritual, educational, social and welfare needs of the Goodwood community (and surrounds) which has grown to in excess of 1000 families. The Society is administered by a democratically elected Executive Committee who, together with the Imaamat of the Masjied work closely together to achieve the goals and objectives of the Society.