Wednesday, 23 June 2021
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Burial Society

Launched in August 2011, the Quloobul Moe'mieneen Burial Society (QMBS) is now a fully operational substructure of the Goodwood Islamic Society. The objective of the QMBS is to assist it's members in preparing for the inevitable journey. Death often catches us when we least expect it and is always a very difficult time for family. With the assistance of the QMBS, the process of dealing with a death and all the consequent administrative obligations is simplified as we provide all the necessary requirements for a Janaazah.

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How it works - The QMBS is a savings plan that operates on the basis of a stokvel. Members save together for the sole purpose of providing for their Janaazah or that of their immediate family. The benefit that a member receives at the time of death is wholly dependent on how much that member has saved with the QMBS up until that point. Since this is a savings plan and not a policy, there is no fixed death benefit or payout as normally provided by policies, but a member will therefore never lose any of the contributions that he/she has made due to eg. a policy that has lapsed. Members can either make a lump sum contribution to the QMBS or contribute on a monthly basis in order to cover the cost of a Janaazah. At the time of death, a member or next of Kin simply lodges a claim with the QMBS who then assist with all the relevant arrangements


- As part of the membership, a member is entitled to inter alia the following benefits and or services:

  • The services of a death register to assist with documentation

  • The services of a doctor for certification of death

  • The services of a Toekamanie / Tuangmandie (optional)

  • Access to a hearse for transportation of the body

  • Provision of kafang and boards

  • Provision of wash and carry kartel

  • Booking of hole at graveyard of your choice

Our dedicated Tuan Mandies(Ghasiels) are Hadjie Naeem Brown and Hadjie Shuaib Manuel while our dedicated Toeka Mandie(Ghasiela) is Muallimah Hadja Zuraida Brown.

Hadjie Amien Bassadien can be contacted on 0845913493 or 0215913493 


The Goodwood Islamic Society is a registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO : 054631) that caters for the spiritual, educational, social and welfare needs of the Goodwood community (and surrounds) which has grown to in excess of 1000 families. The Society is administered by a democratically elected Executive Committee who, together with the Imaamat of the Masjied work closely together to achieve the goals and objectives of the Society.