Wednesday, 23 June 2021
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Entrepreneurs Day - May 2016

Crisp weather and sunny skies - let’s get down to business !




Why sleep in on Saturday when there’s fun ahead !? I know I didn’t sleep in, and the madrassah’s little entrepreneurs didn’t either. Once again, the smell of boerewors and bubbling oil fills the crisp morning air. Everyone arrives sleepy eyed and warmly dressed with their scrumptious goodies. And as the students and teachers rush to write prices on paper plates and to find their feet ,the selling area becomes flooded with joyous laughter and vibrant energy. Teachers work vigorously to start the fires and to divide duties among their students and the matriculants and parents pitch in to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But, if I may, I would like to sidetrack this article just a bit. I would like to point out one very important aspect of this Entrepreneur’s Day, and that is the supporters. The parents, the friends and members of the community and of neighbouring communities. Their great efforts and support must be commended. Without their time, money and support this Entrepreneur’s Day would not be a success. Thank you. Now to get back on track - as Sheikh Ebrahim Tofa gives the announcement that selling may commence, the students and teachers are thrown into a tizz as orders are made and food items are assembled.


But the true purpose of Entrepreneur’s Day is not teach students how to fold a wrap or how to calculate payments, it is to teach them right from wrong. And now, you’re probably thinking, “What in the koeksister is she talking about ? But hear me out first. An example is that they are given the task of determining suitable prices for the items they are selling - by doing this they need to keep in mind all the aspects that affect the price of the specific item , such as how long it took to make, what it was made from, the size and if it is in demand. By following through with this process they learn how to consider all aspects that affect the price and learn how to set a suitable price that will bring in a profit but not break the bank of their customer. Very entrepreneurial if you ask me. But all in all, it was splendid. A truly amazing day filled with bargains, happy food-lovers and freshly washed cars, yes, this year one class decided to do a car wash ! It was amazing. The boys who came up with this brilliant and spontaneous idea were friendly and very efficient. And this is what Entrepreneur’s Day is all about, coming up with something fun and fresh and working together to make a simple idea into a magnificent result.


By: Zahraa Schroeder


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